The evening was sun dappled and full of the scent of honeysuckle. We went to wait for the buzzard which sometimes flies over our patch. We took Rosie the greyhound and walked through the buzz of the bees. The horsetail was alive with grasshoppers, too clever for us to see and the scanty clouds just hung in the sky. What a stunning evening to out and about. We live in an urban area but very close to the surrounding countryside, there are nature refuges everywhere, if you look. Our patch sits right at the edge of a concrete factory but luckily the birdsong seems to drown out the mechanics.


We waited some time and although we were greeted with the dulcet tones of the wood pigeon and the squawk of a great-tit family; the sky was free of the swooping buzzard! Rosie started ‘rooing’ and so we decided to head back for home. I was told it was Game of Thrones night, so we made a swift exit! 😉 As I was walking words were swirling around, even though I hadn’t seen my bird, she was still talking to me…..and all of a sudden I had a poem! A first for me!

So, a little sheepishly, here it is:

Beguiling Buzzard

I missed your swift swoop, your hovering gaze and span,

yet you enchant me in my thoughts, embrace my heart,

with your beguiling ways, you gave me words and dreams to speak,

I see in you my need to hope, for a better world, a better mankind.


Thank you for reading