Batty about Bats!

Dara McAnulty

Today, I am focusing on bats! I really love bats and find them amazing. There are many myths about bats and they have a bit of a reputation, thanks to the film industry, but to me they are beautiful. Their wings are like hands and the skin that joins them together is so delicate, so nimble and so powerful. They can eat 3000 insects in a single night (common pipistrelle) and if you plant a wildlife friendly garden you’ll definitely attract bats to your house. I f you’re lucky they might roost in your roof! Please don’t touch a bat or more importantly, harm a bat. They are a protected species! They are pollinators, pest controllers, seed dispersers and reforesters – what an amazing job description! You need a license to handle a bat and I am really lucky, because my dad has one and we get a few bat…

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