The Gift of Inspiration – My thank you to two amazing people and all of you, too!!

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy coming up to Christmas! I thought I’d share with you an article which I wrote for A Focus On Nature’s Advent Series, it’s about my mum and Chris Packham – it’s the penultimate post for what has been an excellent compilation of posts by young naturalists and those who give them inspiration.  You can read my post below and please have a look at the others too, they are all brilliant!!

My dad, my brother, my sister and all my extended family have been so amazing, supporting, encouraging and give me hope that nature still has a large part to play in our happiness and well-being.
I would like to wish all my readers, commenters and everyone who has taken the time to support me a very Merry Christmas as I’ll probably not post anything for a few days. Heartfelt thanks to you all, with special thanks going to Dr Mark Avery, Team4NatureUk, Ulster Wildlife, A Focus On Nature (Megan Shersby in particular) Butterfly Conservation, Bat Conservation Trust and RSPB NI who have all given me support, advice and inspiration too!! It has also been amazing to connect with many young naturalists and conservationists, this has been my biggest surge in hope for the future!

Thank you all so much!


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