As many of you already know, I get really excited by the bird life in my garden. Even though I see the same stuff most days, if I stick around long enough, something extra special will turn up. So it’s no surprise that I am very excited to take part in RSPB’s #BigGardenBirdwatch It’s a fantastic way to get involved with citizen science, have fun and make a difference!  Lots of people wonder how they can make a contribution to nature and it’s protection. Well, this is a perfect way to support wildlife, learn more about the birds which visit your garden and be part of a survey that helps orthniologisrs get a cool picture of population and diversity. What’s not to love, oh, and it’s FREE!!

It’s pretty inspirational too, I’ve mentioned the bridwatch to lots of boys at school and they are genuinely interested and excited about what they might find. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my school involved this time but I’m very excited to be organising a School Birdwatch at my old Primary School. I’m going up soon to pop up feeders and make bird food with the pupils there. I am so excited about this. Last year I ran a Nature stall at this school with my dad. We had skulls, bat corpses and other cool stuff. Eyes widened in wonder, I had a realisation that everyone could fall under natures spell. They just had to be lead a little. This is something I feel extremely passionate about.

Check out the website and find out what you need to do, register and share your experiences online too!! I already have a good few followers on Twitter, who are also getting involved. It feels really great to share something brilliant together. I have received my pack, it’s got amazing resources to help you and I’m counting down the days! I’m doing a comparative study with a friend who lives rurally, so we can compare our results. It’ll be very interesting to see who gets more variety. Wish me luck and let me know how you get on too!


Just a quick blog today! Thanks for reading.