30 Days Wild – Day 2 – Nature is a language can’t you read?!

Hi everyone, my name is Bláthnaid and I’m Dara’s sister and I’m 7 years old, I love flowers, fairies, witches and bugs! Today is the second day of our 30 Days Wild Challenge and I’d like to write about my favourite flower. My favourite flower is the Foxglove and I love the designs inside the flower, their beauty and their glory is amazing and wonderful at the same time.

I’ve been learning all about them and they are really good for bees but not for us! They have a poison which can lower your heart rate and you might die! It can only be used if you have a really high heart rate and you can lower it down to normal! Wow. Don’t eat it on purpose! The Foxglove flower can be used to keep flies away which we don’t really want in our house, if you sprinkle the dead heads on your windowsill or other places, the flies will not come!

I enjoyed being out in the sunshine today taking pictures of our Foxglove! This is known as the King flower but I call it the Queen flower because it makes more sense to me! 

Foxgloves are fairy flowers and they are mentioned a lot in Irish legend and poetry too! I have written my own poem about Foxgloves, I hope you like it.

Fairy Foxglove

The grass is green oh what do I see

A beautiful flower is nodding at me

I think it’s name begins with a fox

Maybe it is a Fairy Foxglove!

The next time I went it had vanished

Cut down its story and all of its glory

By a blade of sharpness and I was very sad

Then I started to feel very cross with the world

Nature is best I keep on whispering

The story of Foxglove will go on because I’m glad I have one in my garden!

Bláthnaid McAnulty aged 7


I also made a video for you all to watch and I hope you like the way I said ‘Nature is a language can’t you read?’! It’s by the Smiths and even though I am only seven and they are really old, I really like them, they are the best!

Thank you to my mum for typing out my words because she is much faster and I would be here all night!

Thanks for reading and watching

Bláthnaid McAnulty



  1. What a lovely blog post and a super poem! I too love foxgloves, so they don’t get cut down in my garden and there have been lots of bees visiting them. The fairies hide from me though.


  2. Fabulous blog, Bláthnaid, love the photos showing the Foxglove markings on the petals. I can imagine the faeries using them as bonnets, after the bees have finished, of course! I have them in my garden, so I hope I have faeries as well.

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  3. Lovely to hear from you with wise words about nature being a language. Got lots of foxgloves in my garden. Will try your tip of placing the dead flowers on windowsill to put off flies. Thanks Wendy

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lovely blog post! I’m 20 years older than you, but I too love The Smiths, fairies, witches and bugs! 😀 You have great taste and your poem is wonderful ❤ .

    Liked by 1 person

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