30 Days Wild Day 7 – Climb trees to another world 


Hello everyone, this is Bláthniad on Day 7 of 30 Days Wild! Today I wrote a wee story about why I love climbing trees. I hope you like it!

Climb trees to another world 

When I was really little, I wanted to be up high, to be up with the birds and the sky. I wanted to make a daisy crown and be Queen of the Trees, and I did. I felt like I was in a wonderland of dreams and it felt amazing.

 As I grew I climbed higher and higher. 

I climb up a giant snake when I’m in a tree. I fight dragons when I’m in a tree. I ride a unicorn when I’m in a tree. I  climb mountains when I’m in a tree. I’m an adventurous explorer when I’m in a tree. I’ve actually discovered new species in a tree, but shush don’t tell anyone. I’m saving them for when I’m older and a real life insect expert.


I travel through the jungle when I’m in a tree. My best friends join me when I I’m in a tree.


I dream when I’m in a tree. I dream of talking ladybirds, dancing Kestrels and raindrops that taste like chocolate.

I like to make things from bits of trees, branches that the ground has left for me to use. They were all shouting. Pick me. Pick me!


To feel moss, lichen and the bark is like feeling my own heart beat. If I could melt into the tree to find out its secrets, I would. Oh, but wait. I do know!!

Thank you very much for reading and thank you to my mum for the photos and for typing out my words really fast!

Bláthnaid McAnulty aged 7

This is Dara! I am amazed by what my sister has just created. It would make a great picture book!! It’s interesting because today I was reading the ‘Childish’ chapter in ‘Landmarks’ by Robert McFarlane. This passage came to mind:

‘To young children…nature is nothing but doors, really – and they swing open at every step. A hollow in a tree is a gateway to a castle. An ant hole in dry soil leads to the other side of the world. A stick-den is a palace. A puddle is a portal to an undersea realm…’ Later in this chapter McFarlane writes about the decrease in nature based activity, the increase in screen time and the disconnection between children and nature/landscape. I feel it so much too but I hope that Bláthnaid’s world will bring a little hope; that my parents allow us to create, to dream, to explore and to use just a wee bit of screen time to share our joy with others; that the magic is still around



  1. This is so special – imagination is everything when we’re young – it’s how we learn – I’m sure it makes our grains grow 😉 and yet – when we’re little – it doesn’t feel like imagining – it feels real 🙂


  2. I love this. You are right about a picture book but it would also make a great poem. I shall always dream of raindrops and chocolate now. Thank your sister and Mum so much.

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  3. That’s a brilliant idea, Dara, to publish a book for young children, based on your sister’s idea. It could be beautifully illustrated. Maybe the whole 30 days could be published? It is really compulsive reading and I’m so enjoying it all!


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