30 Days Wild – Day 12 Wild music inspired by birdsong 

Hello everyone, it’s Lorcan here and welcome to Day 12 of 30 Days Wild! Today, I’ve been listening to birdsong in the garden and it made me feel so relaxed. Like Dara, I am a young person who is Asperger’s. This means I experience a lot of anxiety and my life can be very routine led with lots of rituals. One of these rituals really helps me in my life and that is music. I love listening to all types of music, especially electronic and classical music but playing music is really important. When I sit at my keyboard all the swirling thoughts become clear and I feel at peace and also energised. I have never had any piano lessons because I like to kind of invent my own style and regimented teaching doesn’t really appeal to my anxiety and need for self expression. Maybe that will change as I get older. 

I’m very inspired by the sounds of nature and birdsong. I just sort of did a little piece on my keyboard for my contribution to 30 Days Wild today, I hope you like it. 

I’ve been really pleased to see all the pictures of Long-tailed Tits that people have been sending me, thank you very much. You definitely know how much I’m obsessed by them, keep them coming please!! I keep hoping that they’ll visit our garden again but they never have! Maybe tomorrow, I’ll keep hoping. 
Thank you very much

Lorcan McAnulty age 11


  1. Lorcan, I am so glad that you have found something that helps with your anxiety, our brains need some peace and quiet! What a beautiful tune you created. It was very soothing yet had all the complicated swirls you find in birdsong.

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  2. Thank you, Lorcan, for sharing your beautiful music. I could hear rippling water, the wind in the trees, a bird singing and a mouse scurrying off. So relaxing.

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  3. Lovely composition Lorcan, well done, very evocative of the birdsong and other nature sounds.
    Listening to music is definitely one of the best things to help with anxiety. 🙂

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