Hi everyone, it’s Dara here again for Day 16 of 30 Days Wild! If you’ll remember, I’m working backwards as we’re a little behind ☺️ Last Friday was spent mostly travelling back from Gloucestershire, I have to say it’s a very beautiful part of the world full of hay Meadows, glorious verges and a very interesting sandstone landscape. It was a beautiful day with azure skies, even when we returned to Belfast! We had another long drive home and we arrived just in time to watch my Unsprung episode – I mostly watched it over the top of a cushion with my eyes half closed. I’m not good at listening to or watching myself, but who is?! If you like, you can watch it here ☺️


I took my camera out into the garden to relax and process the events that had just happened – I still am. Unfortunately self doubt is creeping in again and I wonder how I could’ve done things differently and I feel a little hollow – I can’t really explain but school today didn’t really help.

However, I’m lucky in that almost every problem can be fazed out by birdsong and this Blackbird really helped me. Thank you Mr Blackbird!!

The song of the Blackbird is so beautiful, I sat on the swing and just listened, read my book, felt the warmth of the evening light and then I felt energised, restored. I then went off to do some running around with my brother to get my energy out, we hadn’t stretched our legs enough over the last couple of days! At bedtime I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep, that’s because something really special was going to happen tomorrow!!

You’ll find out later as I’m going to type my notes out after dinner for Day 18. Also hoping Lorcan and Bláthnaid can give you their updates tonight and so be up to date!

Thanks for reading. Maybe at dusk you could take a moment to listen to the Blackbirds lullaby too, it lifts the heart.