30 Days Wild Day 22 – Pen a poem!

Hi everyone, this is Lorcan. Welcome to Day 22 of 30 Days Wild!
Today I thought I’d share a poem I wrote about Nature’s Dawn. I hope you like it!

Nature’s Dawn


Dewdrops glisten on flowers

Light touches the leaves.

Fox trots silently over

The gleaming verdant green

Songbirds majestically calling

Sun starts to rise

Morning joy is singing

Feels good to be alive


Owl is hauntingly hooting

Marking the end of its day

Cloudless skies are glowing

The night has slipped away

All of nature’s beauty

Free for us to see

We must rise to protect it

For all eternity

I love the Dawn, the passing of night into day is a really special time. It’s quiet and it feels like you are alone with nature and even though it’s very early to wake up, it means you have more time to do more things during the day!
Thanks for reading

Lorcan McAnulty aged 11


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