Hi everyone, this is Bláthnaid for Day 23 of 30 Days Wild! We have all been really busy and a bit tired, so our blog is a little bit late. One of my favourite things, is to see what is flowering in our garden. Mum and Dara have been flower pressing, so yesterday I thought I would start too! I found out that Botany is the study of flowers and plants – I really like the name! The words comes from the Greek word ‘Botane’ meaning grass or pasture. Did you know that flowering plants started to grow during the lower Cretaceous  period – 160 million years ago!!! Wow! Thanks to dad for that fact! 

I collected some flowers that we had a lot of, and took them inside to make sure I was right in thinking what they actually were! I read our favourite wildflower book which identifies flowers by petal and colour so even I can do it myself! I then wrote the names of the flower. I will now press them and put it in my scrapbook! 

Sometimes I pick flowers for my fairy called Sparkles. She loves them for her lunch! A very short blog but I hope you liked it!

Thanks for reading and thanks to my mum for helping me spell all the hard words!! 

Bláthnaid aged 7