Hi everyone this is Bláthnaid here for Day 28 of 30 Days Wild! Wow I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end! 

I love the beautiful patterns of Burnet Moths. Their wings look like a beautiful cape! We found loads today at Killykeegan nature reserve, our favourite place to explore. They were everywhere and because it wasn’t sunny they were just resting a lot so we could really look at them and see their beauty. 

The Six spot Burnet, which I think is the one we found, actually have six spots on each wing – not altogether. They love to feed on Knapweed, Thistles and Blue Button (that’s what we call the Scabious plants here in Fermanagh). That’s exactly where we found them and they were everywhere! 

I was also really really pleased because one chose to land on me! Maybe it thought my bright green cardigan was a flower stem! 

It was so beautiful to see these gorgeous moths! Don’t forget moths are brilliant pollinators and really help our world to make more plants, flowers and food. The world would be a very scary and dull place without moths, butterflies, bees and other pollinating insects. I’m very excited because we have been talking a lot about biodiversity at school, it’s so important to know how our Eco systems work and especially important to do this at school! I love moths, I hope you do too!
Thanks for reading 

Bláthnaid aged 7 

(Thanks mum for typing it out again!)