The RSPB Northern Ireland community were dealt a devastating blow this week, when a young, three month old Red Kite was found dead in Moneyslane Co Down. It had been shot. Blasted from the sky, this scavenger was no threat to livestock or life itself. Targeted because of ignorance and intolerance of the wild. It has become clear to me that the relationship between human and nature, is fractured. The need and will to control is out of control. I see it in the mercilessly tidy gardens, in the ‘ughhhh don’t touch that, it’s dirty’ from crazed parents. I see it in the loneliness and isolation I feel because of my love of nature and wildlife. I see it in the cruelty and persecution shown to our most wild and majestic creatures. All a part of our eco system. All a part of the balance of the earth. 

When I was 6 years old, the RSPB visited our school to talk about the Red Kite introduction programme. I became entranced and obsessed by them. We sponsored a Red Kite and I followed and tracked the progress made and fault lines broke the joy I felt when multiple poisonings occurred. I couldn’t understand it. I cried ‘why can’t they just leave things alone!’. Nothing has changed, the cruel and heartless still have the power to floor me and momentarily give up hope. I’m not giving up though, we shouldn’t give up because then they win. In the end of course #WeWillWin because momentum is growing because people are just getting fed up with the barbarism and attitudes are turning and changing. 

One day, I’m going to make a bigger difference. One day, I might not have to. One day people might rejoice and not feel the urge to conquer and control. One day…maybe. 
Please help the RSPB NI team and report sightings or any information that may help to – they are also keen to have more Red Kite watchers in the Co Down area. 
Thanks for reading