The Wild Swans of Fermanagh 

Hey everyone, I’m just sharing my Whooper Swan blog from last year as we had our first sightings of them at the weekend! When dad logged them onto CEDaR (the recording database), we were told that these were the first Northern Ireland sightings! There were five in the field and their cyclical presence always gives me hope; that they keep returning year after year is a wonderful and comforting thing

I hope you enjoy reading it!

Dara 🐦

Dara McAnulty

As the days get colder, we in Fermanagh look forward to some wonderful Wintering visitors in Upper Lough Erne. You could almost miss them, if your eyes were not looking for them, but these birds are iconic travellers! Welcome to my blog on the striking and majestic Whooper Swan (Cygnus Cygnus)! Regarded as the true wild swan. John Ray’s Ornithology (1676) referred to it as @the Elk, Hooper or Wild Swan’. It’s scientific/Latin name means ‘swan swan’.

We went searching for our welcome visitors yesterday, keeping our eyes peeled on the fields it grazes on, keeping our ears alert for its distinctive, honking trumpeting. We got to our destination of Knockninny without seeing anything much except Cormorants and a hugepaddling raftof Tufted Duck – always lovely to see also. We watched the birds for a while, searching the balding hedgerows for passerines, felt the Autumn sun and let our lovely…

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