A Solstice Garden – magical, even in suburbia!

Hello everyone!
I thought I would just share my winter Solstice blog from last year as I haven’t found time to write one for today.

Wishing all my readers solstice blessings; the light will get brighter with every passing day.


Dara McAnulty

As I awoke to the call of the Robin, heralding the beginning of winter, the pale yellow light slanted through my curtains and my mind wandered to my Celtic ancestors. The Winter Solstice and the beginning of Yule (Alban Arthan) was (and still is, to some) an incredibly important time. The Druids gathered the mistletoe from the mighty oak trees and burnt the Yule log. Darkness and light, both needed for respite and regeneration. The shortest day gives to us the promise of new light and as we prepare for Christmas, it’s turning point. More light promised. Elsewhere, as the bare branches become stark shadows against the sky, our garden provides shelter for scores of birds. When we moved here we cursed the Cypress Leylandii, but when, in the undergrowth, Herb Robert, Wood Anenome, Ivy and bramble appeared it wasn’t so bad after all; it provided a valuable space for nature…

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  1. A garden of color and sound, so well described! When I take animal photos I set my shutter speed between 1500 and 2000. This freezes the motion for clearer pics.

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