The arrival of March and the beginnings of Spring is a time of eager waiting, emerging colour and a warmer sunlight. Today though I stood as if in a snow globe and felt the flakes biting away and snatching the brightness of the previous days. This cold snap brings with it a really tough time for our garden birds. Just a few days ago our blue tits were prospecting the nest boxes and the birdsong in the garden, a wonderful symphony of anticipation.

At the weekend we really felt the whispering of warmer days and we spent much of the time up a majestic Oak tree at my dad’s place of work. Sitting amongst its ancient branches was pure joy. I feel like I am clinging on to childhood by a thread…and deep down I long for the power of Pan. It’s a challenging time for sure.

I have been using the extra light after school to watch and photograph our growing garden visitors. Topping up the feeders and making sure that the water isn’t frozen. This is so important to our fragile avian friends, who give us so much joy every day.

From top – Dunnock, Collared Dove, Female Siskin and Male Siskin, Male Chaffinch.

The Robins have been skirmishing and one in particular has been lording around the garden, aggressively chasing off any possible territorial usurpers!

I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.

Great advice here from RSPB on how to create a safe environment for our birds in these adverse weather conditions.

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