This winter has seemed so long, Spring has been teasing us for the last month or so and then coldness snatches it away beguilingly. I find the tail end of winter frustrating, waiting to travel through a portal to colour and warmth brings out my worst characteristic – impatience! Today though, the heat of the air and the hum and buzz all around allayed my restlessness and at last, Spring is finally here.

We went to one of our most favourite places, Big Dog Forest; I was secretly harbouring hopes that my ghost dancers would return but alas, it wasn’t to be. I did see the Hen Harrier’s favourite food – the Meadow Pipit though, its charming song, bubbling like spring itself.

Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis) basking in the glorious sunlight at Big Dog today.

Bursts of sunshine had popped up from the ground, rays of Coltsfoot showing us how important they are for emerging bees and other pollinators. Dandelions and their allies (Daisy/Asteraceae) often the first flowering pollinating plants are incredibly important for biodiversity and a healthy eco system. Please don’t get rid of them, I implore you! Let a wild patch grow in your garden – as nature is pushed to the fringes, everyone doing a small bit helps enormously.

Coltsfoot with feeding Bumblebee.

Nature’s delights were emerging all around us, and beady eyed frogspawn were in every pool and pond, enchantingly shimmering – they never fail to bring a great big smile, they embody the best of early spring, for me.

So after an irritable few weeks of waiting for blossoming and colour, spring has at last, really came to Fermanagh. Finally!

Bláthnaid, marvelling at frogspawn, amongst dappled light and branch shadows.

I hope Spring has appeared for everyone and you are all having a wonderfully wild weekend.

Thanks for reading