I have decided, after a little hiatus, that I’m going to write a little short blog post every day – about something in Nature that has caught my eye. I write a diary every day, so in a sense, it will be a little more like that. I hope you like it and I hope it encourages me, to write a little more frequently again.


I took my camera out to the garden today, and a lone dandelion had its blooms inside out, like a windswept umbrella. It caught my eye, because I love dandelions. They honestly make me feel like sunshine itself and there is always some creature resting on an open bloom, if you have a little patience to wait. Vital life source for all emerging pollinators and a blast of uplifting yellow to brighten even the greatest of days. It stood tall and proud, unlike all the others, they were open and swaying in the breeze. All of a sudden raindrops plonked from the few clouds above and fell on all the others.

(I’ve been testing some functions on my camera, I liked singling out its uniqueness)

It was a nice little moment. Even though St Brigid’s day is long past, I thought I would include a beautiful poem and plate, it captures some elements of Spring.

I hope everyone is enjoying the sunshine and the screeching swifts.