Hello everyone, it has been a really busy weekend and I’m writing Day 10, a day late. We had a wonderful sunny weekend in South Co Down, it was full of wildlife both land, sea and sky. For my latest video we explored a rock pool in Cranfield beach. We chose just one pool, it’s easier to remember which area held the animals you took out to observe – they should always be placed back wherever they came from. It is important to do that.

Here’s the video :-

I also got some really great news last week which was released yesterday. I won third prize in New Nature’s writing competition! My piece ‘Embodiment of Spring’, was a heartfelt evocation of the season – both present and past. When I wrote the piece, it was early morning and the words spilled out, as they so often do; from head to heart to hand. The competition was open to the world and up to the age of 30, so to say I was shocked and surprised was an understatement!

I’m so privileged and honoured to receive such kind words from Robert MacFarlane too!

I think that after 30 Days Wild is finished, I’ll stick to writing. I have lots of plans and exciting ideas!

Thanks as always for your support and encouragement. My blog is almost two years old; every day has been a pleasure, and an odyssey of connection and knowledge.