30 Days Wild Day 11 – Nature everywhere! 

Hi everyone this is Bláthnaid! Welcome to 30 Days Wild Day 11! Today was very wet and windy! Yesterday I got really freaked out because I got a tick on my belly – yikes!! The price of adventure. Thanks to my mum and dad for helping me. Dara and Lorcan went to Killykeegan again to play in the fields but I was so tired from my bad tick dreams that mum and I stayed back to read and later on, go shopping. When we had finished I realised that there was a grown up Swan and 6 beautiful cygnets swimming and feeding by the shopping centre!! One of the cygnets was really funny because it was racing ahead and squeaking wildly. It was like it was saying ‘Hurry up guys let’s see what else is around this place!’ We are lucky in Enniskillen you are never alone without nature because we have water everywhere for all the beautiful creatures and plants!

Mum and I walked along the lake path in the car park to see what else we could spot. Mum said ‘Oooh Fox and Cubs’! I got really excited as I thought it was an actual real fox and her cubs!!! Oh but it wasn’t it was a pretty orangey red flower, 

Mum explained that it was called Fox and Cubs because the unopened ‘baby’ seed heads hide underneath the flowering ‘mummy or daddy’ flowers. I thought it was really lovely. Mum let me use her phone to take a photograph and I couldn’t really get close enough because I would’ve had to wade through the water – I didn’t have any wellies unfortunately. 

Just then through a gap in the trees we saw a Moorhen sitting on the branches preening it’s feathers. How brilliant! 

​[wpvideo DWxcZ0Tj]​

I was really happy that I could see wildlife without searching for it. Sometimes we keep searching for things, like Dara is always searching for Hen Harriers and Lorcan is always thinking about Long-tailed Tits. I’m just happy being around nature and wildlife, it makes me really happy! 
Thank you for reading and thanks to mum again for typing out my words. 
Bláthnaid McAnulty aged 7

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8 Responses

  1. Glad you had a lovely day after the horrid tick. They are horrible things and I always feel sorry for my hedgehogs when they get them. Fascinating story about the fox and her cubs flower too

  2. I’m sure you were braver than I would have been, Bláthnaid, having a tick on your tummy! Well done! It always amazes me that such creatures evolved!

  3. Great contribution to finding fun in nature. You are so right. Thanks for explanation of Fox and Cubs name. Didn’t know that. 🙂

  4. I’m just happy being around nature and wildlife too, seeing the more spectacular and unusual creatures is fantastic, but seeing wildlife every day, even just a flower in my garden or a bumblebee, is what makes me feel happy.

  5. Ticks give me bad dreams too! *shudder*
    They are very well designed little monsters… I advise wearing light coloured trousers and tucking everything in, including trousers into socks ;o) At least you get to see them coming then!
    Lovely words missus 🙂

  6. I’ve learnt something new – I didn’t know that plant was called Fox and Cubs.
    Hope you’re feeling a lot better after your tick has been removed. 🙂

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