Author: Dara McAnulty


Happy New Year! Nature Notes from the Mourne Mountains

I have terribly neglected my blog, I miss writing it so much – and of course the connection with all of you too! It’s been a busy year; but I don’t like looking back, just forward.

It’s going to be a great year, a busy one and a challenging one but one that I hope sees much more positive action for nature and wildlife. …

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#iWill4Nature – A Year of Green Action

When I started my blog two years ago, it started at the kitchen table, a solitary chronicling about how nature made me feel. How it helped my mind, my emotions and my mental health. It quite quickly became a community experience, I began to volunteer and meet people, a massive thing for me; because previously, to be blunt, my experiences with people weren’t really positive. …

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A Message – from the Mourne Mountains

Hello everyone, I’ve been absent and very much miss blogging and connecting with you all. It’s been so busy as I start my GCSE studies and the way the system works here, means that my exams are spread out instead of all at once. …

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A Wild Update – it’s been busy!

Greetings everyone and my sincerest apologies for not posting in a long time! I’m drafting a few other blogs about my new local patch and I can’t wait to share the beauty of my new landscape and all the amazing wildlife I’ve seen so far! …

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Kindness and a Shield Bug

The skies opened a couple of days ago and sheets of watery downpours are feeding the land. I await the green to return and the parched, brittle browns to give way. Thank you all for your generous well wishes after my last blog post. …

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Young Fermanagh Naturalist – On the Move – An Update!

In ancient times, our ancestors moved with the seasons and opportunity. We need to do that a lot less, these days. We settle and we stay, for the most part. Our family, since my birth have moved from South Down to Belfast to Fermanagh and now in full circle, back to South Down. …

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30 Days Wild Update & My blog is two years old today!

Hello everyone!

I’m beginning to resign myself to the fact that my 30 Days Wild vlogs will be sporadic, it was difficult for me to accept this as I’m a perfectionist; but it’s been an important lesson to learn and I always love to learn from experience – it’s how I grow. …

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30 Days Wild Day 10 – Rock pooling

Hello everyone, it has been a really busy weekend and I’m writing Day 10, a day late. We had a wonderful sunny weekend in South Co Down, it was full of wildlife both land, sea and sky. For my latest video we explored a rock pool in Cranfield beach. …

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30 Days Wild Day 07 – Great British Bee Count!

I can’t actually believe I’ve made seven videos for 30 Days Wild! It has been challenging to make a video and write a wee blog for it too! I’m enjoying the challenge so much, especially now I’ve finished my end of year exams. …

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