30 Days Wild – Day 14 Marvel at a moth

Hello everyone, this is Bláthnaid blogging today as part of the McAnulty 30 Days Wild Team. We are very behind in our blogs because we’ve been doing some very exciting things! This blog should have been written on 14th June but Dara wants it to be in order  so we’ll keep doing it his way 😉

So, Wednesday was a really sunny evening and as I was buzzily looking at Bees going from Buttercup to Buttercup, but then I saw a silver flutter! 

I ran after it, caught it and put it in a jar with some daisies. It was a beautiful moth but Dara was far too excited and distracted to identify it for me so I called it ‘Leria Silver Wings’, I’ve no idea if Leria is an actual word but it was my moth for one minute, so I suppose I could call it what I liked! This particular moth travelled the whole way from a far way land you know, it wanted to come to our garden and tell me to tell everyone to like moths a bit more, especially the ones that are small and not colourful! All moths matter! 

I was proud of my little moth friend, she was very lucky I could hear her. So, please listen to her message!

Dara wrote a very brilliant blog about moths last year, I really love the poem at the end. Please read that too ☺️ 


Dara will be writing three whole blogs tomorrow! See you soon! 

Thanks to my mum again for writing out my very fast words and thank you for reading!
Bláthnaid age 7 

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11 Responses

  1. Moths are just brilliant -such magical creatures. You have captured their quality perfectly in your writing and love your name. I opened my moth trap for the first time this morning -very exciting!

    1. Bláthnaid says thank you, Deborah! I would really love a moth trap but they are so expensive! A naturalist needs a lot of equipment – none of which I have. I’ll just use my eyes, my wee camera and my words ????

      1. I must point out that mine is very much a home made job! I can’t afford a proper light, so I have used the light from an old fishtank, and made the box from someone’s instructions on the web. The moths are limited so far, but it is still great fun. My intention is to paint them – I will be putting one up on Twitter in a few days so you can see! You can have masses of equipment, but, as you say, a keen eye, imagination and the ability to use words beautifully are much more important – and you have all of those!

  2. I’m sure your moth ‘Leria’ flew off and told her friends where to find your lovely garden! Thanks for your blog, Bláthnaid

  3. It is so lovely to see the world through your eyes Blathnaid, it really is a wonderful place. I love moths, they are just as beautiful as butterflies. I had a moth trap for my birthday last year and was excited to find a wonderful black and red cinnabar moth in it yesterday morning.

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