30 Days Wild Day 27 – Eco Science Award! 

Hello everyone, this is Lorcan for 27 of 30 Days Wild! I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of our challenge! I was a bit too tired and emotional to write yesterday but as I’m off school today, it’s not too bad. 

Yesterday was my primary school leavers assembly and we did three funny sketches, traditional music and songs for our production. It was great fun! Afterwards the awards were given out and everybody got rewarded for their talents! I received the Eco Science award for helping the school progress in biodiversity and projects to encourage wildlife. I felt very proud because it means that my school knows my passion for nature. It’s also then second time this award has came to our house, Dara won this cup two years ago! Family tradition! 

We also received the brilliant news that our school was awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag. Unfortunately I couldn’t be there for the inspection as we were filming for Springwatch. When I heard the news I was so pleased and proud for our school as we really worked hard and we pushed ourselves to the limit to make our school a good home for wildlife. 

Yesterday my gardening teacher also organised a big feast for all the volunteers. I am sad that I am leaving primary school but I hope that our school can build on what we’ve achieved and the legacy shall continue. I know my sister Bláthnaid will keep them on their toes too! ???? 

Thanks for reading and also thank you for all the kind comments. I have really really enjoyed writing the blogs! Dara thinks it’s a great idea if we continue to help him. Maybe we should call the blog Young Fermanagh Naturalists!! ????

Lorcan aged 11

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  1. Hi Lorcan, congratulations on your award, and well done to your school for getting an award as well. I think it’s a good thing when schools try to be eco friendly and have wildlife projects, they can set an example for other institutions and hopefully inspire their pupils to care as much about conservation as you!

  2. Congratulations, Lorcan, and well done to your school! You all show what really can be done when action is planned and led by people who care about about our natural environment.

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