30 Days Wild Day 30! A wild journey! 

Hey everyone, I can’t believe it’s the end of 30 Days Wild!!! What a fantastic experience the three of us have had!! It’s been lots of fun but very challenging too, even with the blog posts spread out among us, it was still hard with school work and other commitments, but we’ve done it!!! 

We made a 30 slide video to record our favourite and most memorable moments. The music does stop a little, but then carries on – we hope you like it!!! 

​[wpvideo Xwr4HQrC]​
Huge thanks to the The Wildlife Trusts for allowing people to really embrace nature and the wild in us all. I have had a lovely response on social media and so many comments on my blog, it’s been such a joy! 

Thank you so much for reading all our posts; for encouraging and supporting us to be the best that we can be. We have really embraced and learned more about ourselves, our skills and our creativity! I’m now really looking forward to reading the other 30 Days Bloggers that we didn’t have a chance to read – there have been some brilliant ideas and posts.
Remember #staywild !! 

Dara, Lorcan and Bláthnaid ☺️

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12 Responses

  1. Fantastic slideshow! What a wonderful month you have had, I’ve loved reading the blogs from all of you, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for nature, it’s catching and inspiring!

  2. Have really enjoyed your 30 days, and a big thank you to you all! Hope you get some good R & R now! Looking forward to future blogs… but no pressure!

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