30 Days Wild Day 5 – Fabulous Fledglings and a bucket pond

Hi everyone, it’s Lorcan here again! Welcome to Day 5 of 30 Days Wild! Our garden is full of a variety of species of birds. Now they have finally ended their incubation and nest feeding; the teaching has begun – the fledglings have taken flight into our garden. It’s like a big huge party of twittering and fluttering. Today I have been observing them briefly and taken some photos to show you.


We have in our garden a basin pond which was inspired by Chris Packham’s Springwatch SOS. It has been a joy to watch all the fledglings and adults having a nice dip in the water and splashing about with mirth. Water is so important to our backyard nature reserve. Without it our birds would not be hydrated and clean. It also produces lots of midges for our garden bats. Double win.

We have a few of these bucket ponds now and life is everywhere around them. All these photos were taken through our window so as not to disturb the birds. Luckily we had a few breaks between the showers. Look at how amazing a small basin can be!

Our Dunnock fledglings are the cutest of them all with their spherical body, they’re probably twice as big as the parents!



We also had a lovely Bullfinch visit our garden today, eating the Dandelion seeds! We are like Dandelion preachers to everyone we know and especially at my Eco Club – where people were thinking they were disgusting weeds! I love showing them the evidence. They can see for themselves how very important they are.


I hope you enjoyed reading my little blog today and remember a basin and a few other ingredients are all you need! Here’s Chris Packham to show you how you can do it yourself.


Thank you

Lorcan aged 11

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  1. A great day , Lorcan.Love the bullfinch shot.I stick up for dandelions too. Ever tried drawing the seed head?

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