30 Days Wild Day 9 – Red Kites and Beachcombing

Hey everyone,

We’ve been in Co Down visiting my granny and seen some stunning wildlife! Yesterday we saw Red Kites! It was amazing!

Watch my video here :-

I’ve also written about Red Kites, a very special bird to me. You can read that here.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend.

Stay Wild


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3 Responses

  1. You’re right about that being a cuttlefish shell – strange that a mollusc should have an internal shell, but it does give the body a shape.
    We’ve also been watching red kites. They’ve been swooping over fields where grass has been cut for silage – looking for small mammals, frogs, and even insects that are exposed when the grass is cut.

  2. I really enjoy your enthusiasm – never lose it ever! I also love red kites and once got very excited when I drove through a part of Hertfordshire (I think it was Herts) and counted no less than 19 red kites wheeling overhead during the journey. I did drive safely too! But it was a memorable, magical journey. I’m planning to travel through mid-Wales in a few weeks time, and hope to see masses of red kites there – I think that’s where they were first re-introduced on the UK mainland. And I think that’s cuttlefish you found – I used to like finding that on beaches as a child and if I found a piece I’d bring it home for my pet budgie to sharpen his beak on ;-))

  3. Hi Dara. I love your book, love your use of language. I’m a retired English teacher, English and a teacher of English. I love your use of words and phrases -. You’re a poet too, mate. Don’t be constrained by sentences or grammar, although if you are writing sentencces, keep being grammatical. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Keep on doing what you do, Dara. Best wishes to you and your lovely family.

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