30 Days Wild Day 06 – Birdwatching!

Hello everyone,

It’s Day 06 of 30 Days Wild and I have to admit that I’m finding it challenging to record and upload a video every day – but hey, I do love a challenge! I also hope that I have improved the way I communicate to a camera – even a minuscule amount. …

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30 Days Wild – Day 05 – Plastic Free Challenge

Hey everyone, for Day 05 I signed up to Marine Conservation Society’s Plastic Free Challenge in July!

Here’s my video :-

I completely forgot to talk about marine issues as the video was completely unscripted (my added challenge) and I was particularly referring to my own local environment! …

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30 Days Wild – Day 04 – Fledglings!

Hey everyone, I’m a day behind for my 30 Days Wild challenge. I’ve had end of year exams and lots of other things going on but I’m determined to film 30 videos!

The weather has been glorious, perfect conditions to endlessly watch the to-ing and fro-ings of our extended family – also known as our garden birds! …

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30 Days Wild – Day 02 – Life around and in a pond!

Hey everyone, it’s day 02 of #30DaysWild ! We’ve had crazy weather and a few mishaps with samples and equipment but well, I made a video! You can check it out and let me know what you think.

I’d love to know how people do fancy editing on their videos – obviously I’m working on a tight time frame but any suggestions would really help me. …

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30 Days Wild – Day 1

Hey everyone, I’m really excited that it’s #30DaysWild time again! I found great joy and fun writing my blog every day in June last year – and I was really chuffed to win the Youth Blogger category!

This year I wanted to try something really different and conquer some intense fears I’ve had, which reared their head very scarily at a conference I recently attended. …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – The Seals

27.05.18 Rue Point Rathlin Island. Full sun.

The overwhelming stench of decomposing Kelp and two nearby dead goats, does little to dull the glimmering expanse. I sit on the bank full of Sea Thistle watching fluttering Pipits among the rocks, scanning for more life with my binoculars. …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – The Seabird Cliffs

26.05.18 Rathlin Island Seabird Centre – Full sun but a swift breeze.

If feels so good to be back here again. A lot more people around today, the last time, we practically had the island to ourselves.

When you first encounter the cliffs at Rathlin during breeding season (May-July) everything gloriously slams your senses all at once. …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – Life on the Surface Tension

20.05.18 – My garden – bucket pond, heavy cloud and drizzle.

One of most wonderful joys of being a young naturalist, interested and curious about all creatures – is watching how different species interact. The perfect and most accessible habitat to do this is by watching ponds, in particular our little cauldron pond and more magic happened today! …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – The Jackdaws

18.05.18 Inch Abbey, Downpatrick. As warm and pleasant as any summer’s day.

Black shapes on the feeder always take me by surprise, they look so out of place teetering shakily on the edge – Jackdaws quite delicately eat the fat balls in our feeding bowls. …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – The Bucket Pond

17.05.18 My garden. Full sun, feels like summer.

I remember the day when we filled the bucket with stones, old bits of clay pot and collected rain water. We added a cup full of older pond water and some native oxygenators to the cauldron and the magic brew grew life. …

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Diary of a Young Naturalist – Birdsong

16.05.18 Castle Archdale Country Park. Blue skies and warmth.

It’s hard to imagine a world without birdsong. Now, it sings from its own branch of the evolutionary tree, a wiggly line from dinosaurs to what we now know as birds. Every morning, before the sunrises my consciousness creeps to the surface alongside the melodious flute of the Blackbird. …

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