30 Days Wild – Stay Wild!

So today marks the end of 30 Days Wild and although this blog wasn’t really a part of it, it was one of the reasons I started this blog. My mum posted everyday on Twitter of our Random Acts of Wildness and I could see that she was getting huge enjoyment and satisfaction out of not just our own wild days, but was really enjoying the connection she was making with other nature lovers. Every day, she would excitedly show us photos of cool wild things and we would learn and grow as part of this community. We are a pretty tight-knit unit of five and although we are out exploring every weekend and love wildlife and nature so much, it is pretty much an ‘isolated’ affair, don’t get me wrong, we are not moping about on our own!! It’s just that some people we know are not as connected to and excited by nature. I don’t think it’s their fault as I don’t think it’s really encouraged by schools. I think things are getting better though!

Seeing the shared joy from people really made us feel like we’re not alone, not bonkers and not wrong in our feelings that nature and wildlife absolutely rocks!!

During our 30 Days Wild, we climbed mountains (another blog in waiting), visited reserves, made bird feeders, started up a bucket pond, made ‘nettle soup’ for our plants, got really excited by Springwatch live cameras, jumped in lakes, counted bees, took part in BioBlitz and so much more. We loved every single minute! Below are a few of our favourite wild moments that happened before I started this blog. A huge thank you again to Wildlife Trusts for getting people together to celebrate nature and all things wild!

So, I don’t know about everyone else, but we are Staying Wild! My mum (along with others) encouraged me to write this blog as they  knew that it would really help me. I was struggling with English a lot in school, but have found that when I’m writing about something I truly love, magically I can spell and organise my thoughts. Amazing! So this blog will be running and I have set-up a Twitter account and already am connecting with like-minded young people, and older folk too! I have read some wonderful blogs and really, thanks to 30 Days Wild, I feel so much more connected to the world in so many different ways. It’s astounding how much can change in 30 Days!

Tomorrow, I set off for my Scout Camp and this marks the end of Cub Scouts for me as I join the next stage of my scouting journey. I am a huge fan of the scouting movement,  it’s so great for connecting kids to nature, not to mention all the cool outdoors stuff! I have written two blogs for my mum to write out for me (thanks mum!). So I’ll be back on Monday with lots of stories to share about my adventures, hopefully!

Stay Wild everyone


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