Diary of a Young Naturalist-The Hidden Wood Anemone

12.05.17 A warm Spring afternoon at Fort Hill Park, Enniskillen

Today, I spotted something which before was unseen. Recently, one of our local parks dismembered a rhododendron tree, we always loved playing amongst it, although it was not good for the hope of the flora that could prosper within. In the past, very little could be seen amongst its burgeoning roots. This Spring, amazingly, Primroses are breathing more and flourishing on the now exposed grassy knoll.

Surprisingly, upon noticing the primroses, something else caught my eye. I happened upon a Wood Anemone! The heavy rhododendron canopy smothered it before, perhaps rendering it dormant.

There it was, the blood of Adonis, the blood of the forest that had once thrived here before. A remnant, a relic. A clue to an ancient murder, the loss of majestic forest and bog, which covered all of Ireland. The Wood Anemone grows a mere six foot spread every one hundred years. I hope this knoll is left alone in the light, so it can spread once more. A Wood Anemone in a park in town, where children play. An Anemone with so much mythology and stories, could open the minds of many during a nature walk.

I felt a connection to the past and the present. For me, that is all that matters. Connection. Search for clues, understand the landscape, get carried away with the romanticism and regret. Then awaken and get back to the good work that needs to be done, healing connection, telling everyone how amazing nature and wildlife is. A little moment, transformed into something so much bigger.

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  1. I had no idea how slowly wood anemones spread. Thanks for your wisdom and sensitivity as well as your knowledge, Dara 🙂

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