Standing Up For What You Believe In – Hen Harrier Day 2017

Hen Harriers to me (and quite a few other people) are beacons for how we are relating to and treating our wildlife – right here, right now. It’s not good, it really isn’t great because the Hen Harriers are declining at an alarming rate;  it seems too, that fewer children are having wild encounters and adults just don’t seem to care as much about the environment. …

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Big Butterfly Count 2017

When the sun comes out from behind the clouds almost like magic, little fluttering jewels of joy just seem to appear out of nowhere. No matter how hard I look in our garden, I’ve yet to find a resting butterfly in the grass, and yet there they immediately are – bombing in delicately and quickly in to find the Budleia and Oxeye Daisy. …

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The Call of the Corncrake and other Wild Adventures – Co Mayo



Co Mayo (Mhaigh Eo) which means plain of the Yew trees in Irish,  is one of the wildest and most windswept counties of Ireland. Its exposure to the Atlantic gives it a jagged and rugged feel and when we spent two weeks exploring Achill Island and making a few road-trips around some of the most pristine beaches and nature  filled farmlands – it really captured my wild heart. …

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A quick update and a little reflection

Summer has very much arrived, not perhaps in weather terms, as today the rain is streaming down the panes; but more in terms of time to do and time to think – from now on. I’ve had a whirlwind July and now it’s time to relax a little.  …

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Early Summer Fermanagh Rambles

My Summer holidays started properly on Monday and I’ve had an absolutely brilliant time this week, rambling and exploring the Fermanagh landscape in all its sunny glory. My brother and sister attended a football camp and I had the chance, for this week only, to have some really special time with my parents. …

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30 Days Wild Day 30! A wild journey! 

Hey everyone, I can’t believe it’s the end of 30 Days Wild!!! What a fantastic experience the three of us have had!! It’s been lots of fun but very challenging too, even with the blog posts spread out among us, it was still hard with school work and other commitments, but we’ve done it!!!  …

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30 Days Wild Day 29 – Chief Scout award!

Hey everyone, it’s Dara here for the penultimate day of 30 Days Wild! What adventures we have had!

Yesterday we were extremely busy and it was hard to go do an ‘activity’ as such but I had a wonderful time watching Rooks at school, marvelling at their crafty cleverness and their raucous sound. …

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30 Days Wild Day 28 – Brilliant Burnet Moths 

Hi everyone this is Bláthnaid here for Day 28 of 30 Days Wild! Wow I can’t believe we’re nearly at the end! 

I love the beautiful patterns of Burnet Moths. Their wings look like a beautiful cape! We found loads today at Killykeegan nature reserve, our favourite place to explore. …

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30 Days Wild Day 27 – Eco Science Award! 

Hello everyone, this is Lorcan for 27 of 30 Days Wild! I can’t believe we’re almost at the end of our challenge! I was a bit too tired and emotional to write yesterday but as I’m off school today, it’s not too bad.  …

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